International Liquidity

International LiquidityAs businesses become increasingly multi-national, with accounts in multiple countries and currencies, it is important to ensure there is cash where in needs to be and that that cash is earning as much as it can.

Typical users include the treasury group at global companies with accounts in multiple countries.

Problem: Multi-national companies, with accounts in dozens of countries and currencies must manage the cash in what may amount to hundreds of accounts spread across the glove.  Each country has regulations regarding the amount of money that can flow into or out of the country.  Meeting  each country’s regulatory requirements and account contractual requirements, all while avoiding overdrafts and maximizing the earnings is a big challenge for multi-national firms.

Solution: International Treasury Liquidity Optimization determines the individual movements of cash from account to account and from country to country in a way that minimizes overdraft costs, frictional costs, and maximizes the interest earned on deposits, all while keeping cash in a place where it can be deployed rapidly for new opportunities.

Resources on International Liquidity Optimization: