What we do

The Science of Better Decision Making.

What we doAt Optimized Financial Systems, we offer software and services using advanced analytics applied to banking and finance.  We can evaluate various problems that your company encounters and determine if and where Optimization is the right solution for you.

We have several delivery models for solution implementation.

  1. We are an IBM Software Value Plus Analytics business partner.  We offer all the products in the IBM analytics suite, including CPLEX, SPSS, and Cognos.
  2. Independent Assessment and Consultation. We can be contracted for a fixed number of days to train your internal team to build its own proprietary solution and advise on the best course of action. This model is suited to companies that already have technical staff that can do most of the implementation or that have data they are weary of sharing with outside sources and require modeling expertise.
  3. Product Install and Customization. We can install one of our off-the-shelf solutions on your infrastructure and customize it as part of a project. This provides a rapid implementation that accelerates ROI.  As your needs grow, we can customize the solution.
  4. Bespoke Project. We can implement the solution with our IT partners to deliver a completely proprietary solution.  We specialize in modeling and partner with our clients or implementation partners to deliver the application and visualizations.
  5. Software as a Service. We can provide the results of optimization using our own infrastructure. This method requires no infrastructure and spreads the costs of the project over the lifetime of the project.

We are also seeking experienced partners in optimization.